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   TOP SPIN Table Tennis Center, as part of its 10 Year Anniversary celebration, is proud to announce the opening of its brand new full time Table Tennis Centre!  The new TOP SPIN, located at 106 Martin Ross Ave in Toronto, is a completely renovated venue with brand new International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved  rubber flooring and exceptional lighting.  The highest quality professional level table tennis equipment available to meet the needs of players of all ages and levels, from those who play for recreation to high professional level players.  Professional coaching is available.

   Our strength is our professionalism and experience!  Our coaching philosophy is to blend a traditional European professional table tennis school with a modern approach, in order to develop your game to a level that you may not have thought possible!

    Elena Shkrab, Founder and Head Coach of TOP SPIN Table Tennis Center, is a former champion of both Ukraine and Israel, and has extensive experience improving the games of players of all levels and ages, from beginners to international level champions.

    For kids, we have special coaching programs, table tennis theme birthday parties, and Winter, Spring, and Summer camps! 

    Hold your Corporate, group, or Company event, tournament, or  birthday party at TOP SPIN!

   We will add our 13 years record of serving players of all ages and levels, from age 5 to never too old, from beginners to champions! Hit a ball or two with new and old friends! Women, seniors, kids, and everyone else are more than welcome!

   Make the TOP SPIN Table Tennis Center your home away from home!  Meet new people and greet old friends, learn, exercise, and have fun while burning a calories!  Not only will your TOP SPIN club be a high class table tennis destination, we will continue to uphold our 13 years tradition as the friendliest club in town!

TOP SPIN Table Tennis Centre – From Beginners to Champions!

TOP SPIN venue and playing area

   A goal of TOP SPIN Table Tennis Center is to provide to players safe, healthy, professional and comfortable conditions everywhere in the playing and Center area. Our venue and facility settings are renovated according to official regulations of International Table Tennis Federation, from flooring, lighting to air-conditioning.

   TOP SPIN facility illustrates hard work of our team, including contractors, engineers, architects and coaches. We are design TOP SPIN flooring and playing area as a safe, comfort and excellent place to exercise and perform your game better! The state of the art facility also includes locker rooms, a party/meeting room, and even a kitchen. From play, coaching and tournaments to birthday parties, camps and corporate events, and is entirely dedicated to meet all your table tennis needs!  

   Table tennis players are moving with short steps with starts, stops and rotations. Our red rubber floors soft and without slippery surface, so all your movements are safe. It’s no harm for player’s hips, knees and joints through footwork and rotation movement during a game.

   Finally, TOP SPIN venue is very presentable and as a fact CBC Kid's and Rogers TV are covering TOP SPIN Master Series Circuit, the TOP SPIN Children tournaments on Sport channel and Day Time Toronto Show !

Please watch more often the TOP SPIN tournaments on CBC and Rogers TV channels and our videos on YouTube  









We are investing not just in our facility, we are investing in EVERYONE who is supporting this great sport of TABLE TENNIS!

When playing at TOP SPIN, please get ready for a game!

   Please wear sportswear, and change in our facility your indoor non-marking and non-color sole shoes! If you not well equipped, no worries! Our excellent service is desire for all your table tennis needs!

   All table tennis equipment is available for rent:

shoes, rackets, balls, towels, T-shirts, lockers, and even pro table tennis robot!

   Please check out our pro store for all your table tennis needs, from rubbers, blades, accessories to clothing and shoes! Our staff is ready to assist you!


   We are delighted to say that you are going to be learning how to play from one of the greats of Table Tennis.

   Elena Shkrab, the Founder and Head Coach of the TOP SPIN Table Tennis Centre of Toronto is a professional Table Tennis Coach and player with over  35 years of experience. She is a National Table Tennis Champion in both Ukraine and Israel, was a top player in the former USSR as well as a finalist in European Championships.

   Elena was coach of the Israeli National Team and several champions and players in the Israeli National League, Coach of Ontario Provincial Champion Vjacheslav Cravchenko. Elena Shkrab holds Master Degree in Sport and Physical Education.



Reservations are highly recommended. For more information and book your lesson please contact


               e-mail: topspin@topspintoronto.com




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TOP SPIN Table Tennis Centre
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