Looking for ways to improve your health, burn excess calories on a budget, or strengthen your muscles? Then Table Tennis is just right for you!

Last studies reveal the fact that Table Tennis can actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease because it requires quick hand-eye co-ordination and quick decision-making and because the rapid eye movement of the game requires the brain to do intensely fast analysis. Apparently practicing where the ball will fall demands mental power and constant recalculation and those are exactly the kinds of activities that prevent the onset of disease.

Attending our classes will not just improve your health, but will enable you to be a part of a fun and friendly environment, make new friends, and improve your skills.

Whether you look for skills development or like to participate in a recreational and a fun sport activity, TOP SPIN Table Tennis Club is the right place for you!

                            Programs for Adults at TOP SPIN

       Sign-up for a Table Tennis Lessons and Coaching:

      Structured coaching and program designed for players who are interested to improve their health, burn calories and releive stress when learning and improving a game, and includes:

  1. Group Lessons:
  •  Technical and tactical training
  •  Training on all strokes and serves
  •  Footwork training and body balance
  •  Special training adapted to each level and age category

2. Private Lessons:

       To book a lesson, please call us at 416-477-6875

  3. Drop - in play at TOP SPIN :

     Prime time schedule:

  • Tuesday - 6.00pm -9.00pm
  • Thursday - 6.00pm -9.00pm
  • Saturday - 10.30am - 1.00pm
  • Sunday - 2.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Mon, Wed, Friday - for facility booking and reservations please contact us at 416-477-6875

Drop-in play cost - Please choose from the following options:


$125/monthly pass

$89/month - Annual Club membership

For special arrangements and courts/tables booking please call us at 416-477-6875

Equipment rentals are available.

 4. Tournaments and leagues at TOP SPIN

     Our tournaments designed for all levels, from recreational to advanced level for players who like to improve a game and stay in tournament environment. We are hosting and organizing the tournameents for practice your game and socialize and meet other people, as well as sanctioned ranking tournaments for Table Tennis Canada according to ITTF rules and regulations.

For more information about the tournament schedule please visit TOP SPIN Tournaments page and Upcoming Events section announcements. Please do not miss registration!

Gift Certificates are available for Adult Classes, Private lessons, Drop-in play and our Pro Store!

                  For more information about drop-in play schedule, coaching, booking and private lessons please contact us at




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