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* Are you beginner, intermediate or professional player?
* What table tennis table can you use at your home, backyard or office?
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* Do you need offensive, deffensive or allround blade?
* What rubber is better for you, long or short pips, or regular sponge?
* More speen, spead or control on the racket?
* 1* or 3* balls?
You ask our Pro, we get it for You! We choose the right equipment for all your table tennis needs!
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We carry only brands which improve your body and contribute to the development of your table tennis skills and level of your game!




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Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Tables Sale
DHS Star Table Tennis Table

   • ¾” top
   • Edge-banded top
   • 1.625” square steel legs
   • 2" x 1" steel support apron
   • 3" ball bearings casters with brakes
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DHS Supreme Table Tennis Table
  • ¾” top with corner protection
  • Edge-banded top
  • 50 mm square steel legs
  • 2.5" x 1" steel support apron

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