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Our young kids teaching Olympian Brian Price, Rowing-Gold -  Beijing 2008, Silver - London 12, to play table tennis!
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Our Program is designed to promote and focus on recreational play of Table Tennis and to engage children and youth in physical activities, having fun, and making new friends. 

Playing table tennis comes with numerous health benefits, especially for growing children: 

  • Doctors call table tennis the best brain sport. It improves hand-eye coordination, is aerobic, uses both the upper and lower body, and causes many different areas of the brain to function. “Making a good brain great," table tennis can increase brain activity. 
  • Playing table tennis moves every muscle in a child’s developing body without being stressful. 
  • The dynamism of the sport involves the whole body. Players use their legs, their arms, their shoulders and their abdominal muscles while turning for the ball or jumping after it to score a point, so table tennis helps every major muscle group in the body develop and facilitates the healthy development of the bones. 
  • Table tennis also burns calories and teaches kids about physical fitness and diet. So many kids today suffer from weight issues that this benefit is significant. If your children have not been interested in physical activity before, table tennis can entice them and make them truly enjoy being active, thereby helping them lose weight. 
  • Table tennis facilitates the development of problem solving skills and complex thinking 
  • Table tennis teaches kids how to work hard. 

      So if you're a child, adult, or senior, looking for something fun and budget and extremely healthy for your body and brain, play table tennis! 

We emphasize  in our classes on fast motion and coordination, as well as development of attention, determination, and drive for achievement, which are especially designed for children from age 6 in an interesting and motivating way.

Professional training adapted to all ages and levels includes:

  • Development of mental strength, psychological, and physical approach to sport

  • Learning of International acceptable Table Tennis rules

  • Footwork training

  • Technical and tactical training

  • Tournaments and Leagues

  • Birthday Parties

  • Summer/Winter training Camps

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