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TOP SPIN MASTERS SERIES - Season 6 - 2018/2019 - Ranking/Points


Dear players,

     TOP SPIN is excited to invite you to its new Masters Series Circuit tournaments on Sundays   

    This is a non-rating tournaments that allow you to maximize your play  time and practice your game while having fun and meeting new people! No rating fee and tournament passes will be added!

    Master Series Circuit includes 10 Circuit tournaments, however no any  commitments from you! The Round Robin format will determine final standing for each player. 

    Also, as part of a shake-up of the Circuit, to reflect the number of  ranking points available to the winner and each player. Players are  ranking on the basis of their results and participation in the Circuits.

    After a completion of the Circuit (10 tournaments), Top 12 and Division B players will  determine.

   And MASTER SERIES CUP – Top 12 and MASTER SERIES CUP -  Division B dates will be announced.

    As a tradition, TOP SPIN organizes the tournaments based on the  positive feedback from players who played on previous successful  tournaments through all 10 years of TOP SPIN operation.

    Please fill out the attached entry form, with your complete registration and mail to mailing address by due date, to avoid any delay with a draws and  tournament organization.

   Thank you and we are looking forward to see you!







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